Do Small Things With Great Love: St. Teresa of Calcutta at the Heart of Martha’s

When I think about Mother Teresa, now Saint Teresa of Calcutta, I think about a tiny woman with a global impact…




Relentless in her love and care for the poor and marginalized. Her impact was huge, world-wide. And by the time she passed away she was a household name. To duplicate that kind of global impact seems…daunting, even impossible.  But it seems as if the secret was in her simplicity. She loved whoever was in front of her as Jesus Himself, she loved Jesus with every action, no matter how small or mundane.

Love transforms things. When a small act is performed with love it becomes huge. Huge to the person sharing the love, huge to the person receiving, huge to anyone who happens to witness the exchange.

I see this from time to time at the pantry. From staff. From volunteers. From clients. Moments where, often secretly, little things are done with great love. And I am filled with hope. I’m not saying that Martha’s has a corner on the “future saint market,” but I am saying that I can see that the love of Christ finds its way into every pantry opening.

Saint Teresa of Calcutta spent her life pouring it out for other people every day in the simplest of ways. We are blessed to have such a powerful model of concrete Gospel-living and challenged to find Jesus in each moment and every person in order to “do small things with great love.”




Kate Walsh is a contributor to the Martha’s Choice Marketplace blog, a CSS consultant, and proud mama and wife.