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Farm + Yoga

May 14th, May 28th, June 11th and June 25th at 11:00.

What’s the intention?

Yoga’s literal translation means ‘to Yoke’ or ‘to join, unite or attach’. Deirdre Murray-Bakarat, of Finding Your Way Om Yoga was drawn to connecting Martha’s Community Farm with this particular Yoga Series because she believes that one of the goals of the organization is, in essence, ‘connection’.  The heart and the root of the practice of Yoga is a physical manifestation of the farm’s mission– building community.

Martha’s Choice Marketplace and Community farm is the largest food pantry in Montgomery County, PA.  Over 20,000 individuals visit Martha’s each year.  Its mission is to build community through access to healthy food.  The Community Farm brings the community together by increasing the connections between people across a diversity of backgrounds to grow healthy food for food-insecure households.

As the founder of Finding Your Way Om, Deirdre says that her mission is to “help the healers.  At first, it was a very general statement that encouraged healers to ‘fill their cup’ as frequently as they could in order to be able to pour into others. Over time, I realized that ‘the cup’ was not enough. I have instead began looking at the services of Finding Your Way Om as helping to create a deep well that is full and accessible to anyone who has time to look within. Yoga has been a great way to guide people there.”

The community is invited to connect and benefit together. The stress reduction, physical stretching & strengthening and the increase in mental and physical energy are established benefits of yoga.  Martha’s Community Farm, Finding Your Way Om and our local yogic community would be grateful for this opportunity to provide a valuable tool that is accessible for all.

What’s the offering?

With the support of local yoga teachers, we offer a 4 week yoga series to the community with the potential for subsequent series. Yoga classes begin at 11am on the Saturday mornings of May 14th, May 25th, June 11th and June 25th at Martha’s Community Farm, 1350 Pawlings Road, Audubon, PA 19403. The classes are based on the theme of ‘Scarcity and Abundance’. Each class is approximately 40 minutes long.  Yoga mats will be provided.  Participants can come early and volunteer or take a tour of the farm if they like.  All are encouraged to take a meditative walk on the grounds following class. 

What is the cost?

Yoga teachers practice something called  which in essence equates to performing actions as selfless service without attachment to the results.  These actions are performed for the joy of serving. Many of the teachers that offer these services as gifts are seasoned practitioners. As a teacher/practitioner there is a base cost for providing these services and, in fairness, we would like to provide them enough financial support to cover expenses.  We encourage participants to donate whatever they can or would like to help make this class sustainable and accessible to everyone.