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Food Power Program

Food Forest

A food forest, sometimes called a forest garden, consists of diverse layers of edible plants, mimicking the ecosystems found in nature. Overstory and understory trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants, vines and roots are established in layers. They are grouped to complement each other while increasing biodiversity, conserving water, building soil and controlling diseases and pests.

Martha’s food forest provides another avenue to contribute fresh produce to Martha’s Choice Marketplace and other food pantries in Montgomery County. It is also another area where we are planting native species which promote habitats for pollinators, birds and wildlife.


Food forests create opportunities to produce food in the most natural and sustainable manner. Food forests mimic the ecosystems and growing patterns found in nature. Organisms within a food forest have complex and mutually beneficial relationships where natural, harmonious communities form. Here, all life forms can multiply and proliferate.The Martha’s Community Farm Food Forest will provide yet another growing area that will contribute food to clients of Martha’s Choice Marketplace.Through the Food Forest, the Farm and its partners will offer environmental education and programming to the community.