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Food Power Program

Power Garden

The first stop and anchor of the Food Power Path is the 150 x 115 foot Power Garden at the front of the Farm.  This dynamic garden provides a multi-layered growing space with 60 raised beds and attached pergolas.  The Power Garden is a place of growth and community. Clients, volunteers and staff of the pantry and partner organizations work with members of the community in planting, maintaining, and harvesting the garden. The power garden also offers educational opportunities to learn more on a range of topics. 

All fresh food produced in the Power Garden is donated straight from harvest to the Martha’s Choice Marketplace clients and other food pantries in Montgomery County. The Power Garden and other stations of the Food Power Path provide an accessible and welcoming venue for communities with limited access to agricultural education and garden space. These stations provide for the development of a more just, secure, healthy and resilient food system.


We use regenerative farming practices within all of our growing areas.   The stations along our Food Power Path support each other with spaces promoting habitat for pollinators and other wildlife and offer regenerative farming alternatives.    This garden creates an area where Martha’s Choice Marketplace clients can grow their own food.   Within this garden, we are increasing our food production capacity to benefit our pantry clients, as well as other food pantries and partners in Montgomery County.  We conduct a number of classes and workshops about gardening, our environment and how we can work together toward a more just food system.   Because many members of our community work within the Food Power Garden, it creates opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds to interact and gain a greater understanding of each other.