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Food Power Program

Tea Garden

Within our Tea Garden, we are growing plants with health and medicinal benefits when brewed into tea. Once we harvest these plants, we dry them in our drying room on site.

Our teas are offered to clients of Martha’s Choice food pantry. We also hold workshops throughout the year which teach participants how to grow and dry their own plants for tea.

People have been drinking tea for centuries. Today, studies have shown that some natural teas offer significant health benefits, from boosting your immune system to fighting off inflammation and even heart disease. Though some teas provide more health advantages than others, regularly drinking tea has the potential to make a positive impact on your health.Our Tea Garden includes the following plants which can be dried and brewed into tea: Lemon BalmEchinaceaThai BasilHoly BasilPerillaChocolate MintPineapple MintApple MintSpearmintThe Farm offers educational workshops, teaching people how to grow and produce their own teas.